Data Formalism

One of the great things about the programming language Processing is its ability to produce sequences of “moving images.”Somehow Processing brings out my Formalist or Structuralist tendencies. This page includes GIFs made with Processing and videos ( several preceding, but perhaps foreshadowing, my use of programming) that deal with how we optically process sequences of images. What new creative possibilities open up when we start thinking of images as data?


The Stroboscope. (Warning. Strong stroboscopic effect. May cause seizures.) Violent Abstraction. An homage to the Structuralist films of Paul Sharits. Sound produced with Little Bits/Korg Synth Kit. The colors are generated from a feed of images in the blogging platform Tumblr and manipulated in the programming language Processing. Intended for large scale projection. This video has been shown at FILE  Electronic Lanuage International Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, and CICA Museum.
One Image After Another. Images and animation produced using the programming language Processing.Experimenting with text to speech.Text as follows: It’s just a bunch of color. / One image after another. / It’s a bunch of data. / And it doesn’t really matter. / But it might. / Because my eyes… / are just looking at…  / Screen after screen… / Of this. / And it all moves so fast. / And it doesn’t really last. / And it digs a hole. / In my attention span. / And that hole keeps getting deeper. / And I feel closer and closer / to some kind of terminal velocity. / I’m becoming someone else. / I’m becoming no one and every one at once.
Color Field. A combination of Structural Film and Color Field painting as filtered through architecture. The digital stills and video quickly intercut between views through window decorations at a Childrens Museum, footage of train tracks, and abstract footage of undulating ellipses. The video is silent and intended for projection in contemporary architectural spaces.screening:
‘Expanded Architecture’ film screenings, part of Sydney’s Festival of Architecture 2010,November 6.
Drips Zips,and Beams. A silent video meant for large scale projection. This was created using the open source programming language Processing to analyze and redistribute the pixels in a still image of a sunset. The title refers to color field painting and the work of Barnett Newman.