I spent most of my time as an art student doing performance art. That work centered around private improvisational monologues or dialogues with a tight focus on the face ( the TV talking head.) Most of these performances were created pre-Youtube and were very focused on how they might relate to an imagined audience. Over the last few years I’ve made a few more of these, sometimes with my students. Lately I’ve also returned to an ongoing interest in electronic noise music.

Talking Artist. I always found it strange that someone as uncoordinated and clumsy as myself would become an artist. Studying in a sculpture department sometimes compounded my anxiety.By the time I got to graduate school I came across the idea of “de-skilling.” This is a critical monologue concerning what it was like to not even have hand skills to lose. What skills might be learned instead? 2001.
Art Legend/Student Stigmatism. When I started doing recorded performances my instructors kept telling me to look at the work of Bruce Nauman and Vito Acconci. As I researched them I liked what I found. None-the-less it grew increasingly frustrating to work under their shadows. Thus I decided to have some fun. 2001.
Green Screen Tests. Made @ my office late one evening. Images manipulated in MaxMSP/Jitter. Sound from Little Bits Synth Kit.
Cellphone.  Technologically assisted monologue circa 2006. Indebted to the wonderful Laurie Anderson.
Rewind/Fast Forward.
Money Talks. 
Shy/Rolling Edit.
Internal Monologue.