Hi.This website serves as a thin slice of my ongoing creative production. Like much of the information in the world there is plenty of information on me distributed throughout the web. For the most part we do not lack for information these days, however that information is atomized. As artists, cultural producers, and teachers/learners I think our greatest challenge is taking that atomized information and putting it together in ways that are meaningful, in ways that might allow us to feel something. Through most of this site I’ll be using this casual, often didactic, first person tone. One exceptions will be the biographical information below, which has been and can be used for my exhibitions and screenings. On this page, if you keep scrolling you will be able to access attached PDF versions of my CV, Art Statement and Teaching Statement.

Bio: Justin Lincoln is an experimental artist and educator. He is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University (BFA 2000) and CalArts (MFA 2002.) He teaches New Genres & Digital Art at Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA. Justin is a prolific presence online and his work shows extensively in international exhibitions and screenings. For the last few years he has been making generative art using video, the micro-blogging platform Tumblr, and the programming languages Processing and MaxMSP/Jitter. He is fascinated by the feedback loops and mediation created between people and their networked online tools.