Blogmixes are a form of internet montage. They treat pop cultural images as pure data. These videos eschew narrative in favor of rhythm, pattern, and visual experimentation.

 Data Delays.  A mix of materials pulled from the archive of “likes” on my tumblr blog. This mix is manipulated in MaxMSP/Jitter. Soundtrack made with the LittleBits Synth kit. 2014.  Featured in FILE Electronic Language International Festival 2015 and Outer Gallery. Montana State University. 
Columns. “I always read the internet with a scissor.” ( Paraphrasing from John Baldessari. ) A programmatic instantiation of the cut-up method of William S Burroughs & Brion Gysin applied to internet images and texts. Images are gathered and appropriated through the social media platform Tumblr. Re-constituted through the programming language Processing. Featured in Fonland Digital Arts Festival, Portugal.
Statement. Featured in the 2014 Festival of Inappropriation. This video is inspired in part by structural filmmakers such as Hollis Frampton and Paul Sharits. It uses screen capture software, an archive of the filmmaker’s tumblr favorites, a Processing program that randomizes text, and the browser scroll bar to make visual montages. Research/Statement explores how we learn to scan text and image online and how we become used to the recurrences and repetitions of those texts and images as data. 2013.
CTLIN Mix (01262014) Experimenting with MaxMSP/Jitter and a midi controller. Patch controls zoom, effects, speed and chroma mixing of two movies…one a loop of the alphabet and the other, one of my blog mixes. Sound added after the fact from an improvisation using the Korg Little Bits Synth Kit. 2014.
Peripherals 01262014 ( In the Eye.)  A Processing program samples the very center pixel color and obscures the majority of each frame with that pixel. Because there is a lag time as it runs video the center color sometimes samples the center of a previous image. I am increasingly thinking about how much of my time is spent staring at glowing rectangles. 2014.
Stop Projector.Discuss Film. Pushing the visual overload of the blogmix format with splitscreens and non-parallel editing. The back and forth between synchronic and non-synchronic images is an avenue that will continue to be explored. 2014